The history of our company began with the creative insight of Dr. Vernon Cockerill.   As early as the 1960’s, Dr. Cockerill gained noteriety as an expert in confined animal production.   He built his reputation through intense research and testing which culminated into many patents being granted.

         The company continued to innovate with new animal health and nutrition products added to the catalog over time.   The company also implemented a series of name changes through the years that reflect new ownership, as well as, evolutions with the animal nutrition industry.

         The current brand, Skylar Nutrition, reflects the companies endeavor to provide non-medicated, solutions that are based on products derived from more natural sources.  Our  focus is on complete, balanced nutrition, and natural plant extracts that keeps animals healthy and growing.  

         Through continued research and innovation, we maximize the animals ability to ward off negative impacts, such as deficiencies and disease, through  sustainable programs that rely less on synthetic additives and more with key nutrients, extracts, and biotics.

Natural.     Nutrition.     Solutions.

        In the 1970’s, he formed Schuyler Laboratories to build upon his research and manufacture many of his patented animal nutrition products.

        Over the years,  Dr.Cockerill’s legacy grew through the reputation of his products and his presence in the many husbandry publications of the time.

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