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Focused on complete and balanced nutrition along with natural products as a measure to improve the health and development of animals without the use of anti-biotics or medicines.

  Creating solutions that use natural ingredients blended with the right balance of nutrition and organically derived additives.

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Rumen 45

RUMEN-45 is a nutritionally complete, milk substitute for cattle, and other class of rumens, that provides a rich blend of highly digestible protein and fat sources, as well as, a balanced blend of easily absorbed vitamins and minerals.

     RUMEN-45 is sourced from high-quality ingredients that are not sourced from animal by-products and is formulated to increase nutrient utilization and efficiency that gets the animals off to a great start.    Its rich in anti-oxidants and other natural immunity boosters that increase nutrient utilization and efficiency so the animals get a great start.  


Crude Protein (min)                   24%

Crude Fat (min)                          23%

Crude Fiber (min)                       .7%

Calcium (min)                             .7%

Phosphorous  (min)                   .8%

Potassium (min)                          1%

Manganese (min)                     125 ppm         

Iron  (min)                                   92 ppm

Zinc (min)                                  102 ppm

Selenium (min)                            .6 ppm

Vitamin A (min)                       45,000 IU

Vitamin D3 (min)                     34,000 IU

Vitamin E (min)                            165 IU

Extreme Orange Flavor...

         Highly Digestibleā€¦

             Nutrient Denseā€¦.

RUMEN-45  has a great taste that entices consumption to keep the animals feeding with less effort.   Maximizing response.