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  Research driven and farm proven results that offer cost-effective solutions...without compromise.

Focused on complete and balanced nutrition along with natural products as a measure to improve the health and development of animals without the use of anti-biotics or medicines.

  Creating solutions that use natural ingredients blended with the right balance of nutrition and organically derived additives.

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Skylar Nutrition is owned and operated in the USA.

Sky-Lytes Ultra

     SKY-LYTES ULTRA provides the hydration benefits found in SKY-LYTES, and combines it with a proprietary blend of flavor enhancements and advanced nutritional support.  

      The result is a non-medicated supplement with intense flavor and aromatics that entices consumption both in water and feed…. keeping the animals hydrated and increasing consumption while providing a full spectrum of critical nutrients even during periods of low feed consumption.

The Benefits of Sky-lytes Ultra

Advanced Hydration and Nutrition…

* Assumes 390 gals of water consumed per day         ** Assumes product used in water for 3 days