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  Research driven and farm proven results that offer cost-effective solutions...without compromise.

Focused on complete and balanced nutrition along with natural products as a measure to improve the health and development of animals without the use of anti-biotics or medicines.

  Creating solutions that use natural ingredients blended with the right balance of nutrition and organically derived additives.

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Skylar Nutrition is owned and operated in the USA.


     Click here to see a brief demo of how Sky-Gest works.

     SKY-GEST contains a broad-spectrum of live microorganisms and prebiotics that improve gut health and builds up the animals natural immunities.  The digestive efficiencies of SKY-GEST is further enhanced with a high level formulation of active enzymes that promote increased hydrolyzation of proteins, cellulose, carbohydrates, and fats.   Increased hydrolyzation insures the animal maximizes energy and nutrient utilization especially during times of enhanced growth, stress, or reduced consumption.  

      SKY-GEST contains natural sources of essential vitamins and chelated minerals that increase nutritional absorption

     Probiotics - Reinforces Good Gut Biotics

               •    Enhances Digestion

               •     Decreases susceptibility to negative microbes

     Enzymes - Efficient Digestion

               •     Speeds up digestion, improving energy utilization

               •     Hydrolyzes more feed.  Decreasing waste and

                       increasing nutrient uptake.

     Prebiotics - Feeds the Good Gut Flora

               •     Indigestible starches that “feed” and enhance the    

                       growth of good gut biotics

     Vitamins & Minerals  - Natural Sources

               •     Chelating agents make them highly absorbable

               •     Efficient digestion of critical nutrients

               •     Antioxidants help alleviate gut stress

     Sky-Gest brings together  multiple modes of action that are each research-proven to enhance the health, digestion, and feed efficiencies of animals.   These technologies are brought together to enhance their activity by working together to maximize the total  effectiveness.

       Combining multiple modes of action yields a superior product that increases consumption, reduces negative environmental impacts, increases feed efficiencies, and allows the animal to maximize its potential.

What's in Sky-Gest?

Increased Appetite...

  .. Improved Feed Efficiency...

       ..Improved Energy Utilization...

           ..Reduced Mortality...

               ..Enhanced Growth...

                  ..Cost Effective….