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  Research driven and farm proven results that offer cost-effective solutions...without compromise.

Focused on complete and balanced nutrition along with natural products as a measure to improve the health and development of animals without the use of anti-biotics or medicines.

  Creating solutions that use natural ingredients blended with the right balance of nutrition and organically derived additives.

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Skylar Nutrition is owned and operated in the USA.

Rumen Resque

     RUMEN RESQUE is an All-in-One, high-quality nutritional source that provides critical hydration, natural immunity boosters, probiotics, key vitamins, minerals, as well as, highly digestible proteins and fats that promote vibrance and energy for rumens.  

     Specially designed for challenged animals in times of sickness, weakness, and stress.   Maximizing the animals potential to thrive.

Advanced Support for Rumens...

     Designed to address critical health and nutritional needs when colostrum is

        not available or is not enough.  

     May be added to colostrum or milk replacer to enhance effect and response.

     Contains a full spectrum of vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, and highly

         digestible energy.

     Full of anti-oxidants and natural immunity boosters for their health

     Probiotics and Prebiotics provided to build up the digestive tract

     Highly digestible proteins in free-floating amino acid form that reduce the

         time and energy needed to metabolize critical nutrition

     Top quality fats that are easily digested providing quick sustainable energy,

         and improving absorption of critical fat soluble vitamins into the liver to be

         utilized quickly.

     Easy to dose formula, with a great taste that draws the animal to consume.

Rumen Resque provides Quick Recovery in times of...

               ... Stress, Weakness, or Disease.

….When Colostrum is not Enough.

Electrolytes Protein Vitamins Minerals Anti-oxidants Probiotics Prebiotics